Is "Configuration as Code" in production status now?

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There was a time when the official guidance about “Configuration as Code” was that it was not recommended for production setup.

I assume this feature is stable now, but we need to plan our version upgrade path on a self-hosted instance. Can you please confirm from which version of Octopus " Configuration as Code" is considered stable for production setup?

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Hi Emil,

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The last major updates to CaC were the addition of project variables in 2022.3 and built-in branch protection support in 2022.4.
There have been bug fixes applied more recently, though, so I would recommend upgrading to the latest available version (currently 2023.1).

Whilst the feature is stable, some items like Runbooks aren’t version controlled.

When testing this on your projects, I recommend cloning the project beforehand, as there is no way to revert the conversion to version control.


Thank you Paul,

your advice on cloning the projects is very useful indeed.

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