Invalid version string

help! I created a release with the following name “” using the octopus website and now I’m getting
Invalid version string Parameter name: version!
I can’t create a new release, I can’t view the details of the faulty release (so I can remove it) , acutally I can’t view the details of any release. it seem to enumerate over all the releases and gets stuck on the

I’m hoping the release through the API via teamcity plugin still works…haven’t tried that yet, but in any case I need to get that faulty release out of the system… how do I do that?

Hi Robbert,

Thanks for getting in touch! This was fixed in 2.5.5. If you can install the latest version you will be able to edit this release.
If this is not possible, the release will have to be deleted from the RavenDB.

Hope this helps!

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks, I’ll start updating the server today. I did manage to resolve the issue by using fiddler and the web API and calling DELETE api/releases manually, took a little trial and error but it did the job.