Interface not changed after Hydra upgrade from 2.6

Hi. I just want to check if I have anything to be concerned about. I’m currently testing for a migration to Octopus 3.3.12. I have set up a project in Octopus 2.6 to deploy Hydra as per the documented instructions. I’ve just noticed something though… the Octopus Tentacle Manager interface is still showing in the old style. It doesn’t look as the version 3 interface would. However if I click on “re-install” and open up the interface again, it look like version 3… Does this mean that either

A) Hydra doesn’t update the GUI interface, just the tentacle itself
B) Something probably went wrong and the tentacle isn’t installed correctly?


Hi Dan,

Thanks for reaching out. I believe the interface should be updated as well. The key question is though: Is the “supposedly updated” Tentacle no loger able to talk to the Octopus 2.6 instance, and its now able to talk to the 3.X one?


Actually, it would seem that after logging off and on again, the interface appeared as it should… Oh well. All seems to be fine. Thanks Dalmiro.