Integration With SCOM


we are using SCOM as a monitoring tool. I would like to know is that possible to Integrate Octopus with SCOM. My goal is to change the alert status to deployment or maintenance status on SCOM while deployment is on going and when stop the windows services as a result of this.

Ex : - when doing app server deployment , as result of this some windows services are stooped. In this scenario SCOM generates alerts about the service unavailability . Need to automate this process , when doing the deployment via Octopus , those services downs should be identified by SCOM as a result of deployment and should be changed the alert status to maintenance mode, once finish the deployment , monitoring should start from the SCOM side as it configured.

I would like to know is this possible,
if yes how to do the integration with SCOM and octopus to achieve the mentioned goal.

Hi Rashdheera,

Thanks for getting in touch.

There is a feature of Octopus called Subscriptions that lets you subscribe to events happening within Octopus and send notifications (either email or webhooks). This may help achieve what you are trying to do (subscriptions are available in Octopus 3.5 and above).

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about SCOM, but I imagine you could setup a subscription and subscribe to the “Deployment Succeeded” event, which then posts off a notification to a webhook provider (ie. a custom API that receives events from Octopus, or something like Zapier). From the webhook you could then notify SCOM.

We published a blog post titled Using Octopus Subscriptions that shows an example of setting up a webhook subscription (in our example we used Zapier to notify a Slack channel, but you could roll your own webhook API and direct information to SCOM perhaps?).

Hope this helps.


Hello Mark,

Thank you for your quick response. I will refer Using Octopus Subscriptions articles with my SCOM expert to find out the way to achieve my target. I will update you with progress.

Rashdheera Bandara.