Integration with 3rd part ticket system

I am looking into Octopus Deploy for a customer and one of the issues they have run into in the past was good integration with their existing ticketing/change control system.

What they desire is that when a deployment is requested, a ticket be created in their change control system. This at least can be done via a PowerShell script if needed. However, the would like to include the approval of the ticket as a workflow step in Octopus Deploy. This would essentially replace the mail and get approval process that seems to exist today in v2.0. Anything in v3.0 what would enable this level of extension?

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch! You could do this now in 2.0. As long as you can trigger an event from their ticketing system when they do approve, it could then be scripted to talk to the API and approve that way.

Here is a sample:
You need to post to the API the responsible person who is approving
POST /api/interruptions/{interruptionid}/responsible
POST /api/interruptions/{interruptionid}/submit with a payload of {Instructions: "", Notes: "Notes go here", Result: “Proceed"}

This will be exactly the same for 3.0.

Hope that helps!