Integrated-challenge 400 error in Internet Explorer


We currently running Octopus 3.7.11 and we seem to be getting an 400 error during the integrated-challenge stage of the login. This only seem to affect the people using Internet Explorer 11. Plus I’ve tried with Microsoft Edge and get the same problem.

Additional, please find screenshot of IE Developer Tools below.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear you are having trouble with the integrated authentication in IE. We’ve had another report of this in the past week or so, but we have not been able to identify exactly what is causing it. We have a test Active Directory environment set up where Edge works correctly with integrated authentication, so we know it can work.

I did find this article while revisiting this today. Based on that article, would you be able to try disabling IWA to see if you can then log in? If that works, could you then try enabling it again and changing Octopus’ webAuthenticationScheme to Ntlm to see if that works?