Installing OD on new Azure VM

I am running into trouble installing the OctopusDeploy extension on our Azure VMs. The instructions you provide in your documentation is for a classic VM using a cloud service. However the new style VMs do not use a cloud service for hosting. Additionally the new style VMs only allow extensions to be installed via Powershell/Cli, but your instructions are incorrect for the new VMs since they don’t have a cloud service attached. Can you please provide some updated commands to get OD installed?


Sorry to hijack this thread but we have the same problem. What we found from another site is to create the equivalent parameters for the new Set-AzureRmVMExtension. So this is what I have so far:

“SasToken”: “”,
“ModulesUrl”: “”,
“Properties”: {
“Environments”: “Production”,
“ListenPort”: 10933,
“ApiKey”: “API-ABC123DEF456789ABC123DEF”,
“OctopusServerUrl”: “”,
“Roles”: “web-server”
“ConfigurationFunction”: “Octopus.ps1\OctopusAzureConfig”

Set-AzureRmVMExtension -ResourceGroupName “my_resourcegroup” -VMName "my_vm"
-Name “DSC” -Publisher "Microsoft.Powershell"
-TypeHandlerVersion “2.15” -ExtensionType "DSC"
-Location “australiaeast” `
-settingstring $settingsString

This attempts to install DSC and downloads an executes Octopus.ps1 but it fails because the the OctopusDSC module is missing which I guess is part of the Tentacle MSI.

So I think there is, or should be an Octopus VM extension which performs the download, install as well as the above steps. But listing the available extensions does not include anything from Octopus which contradicts that mentions Octopus Deploy as an extension. And of course installing extensions for V2 VMs is not ready yet.

Any comments from Octopus would be appreciated?


Thanks for getting in touch and letting us know our documentation was out of date!

So there was a couple of issues with our docs and DSC Module, I’ve now fixed up both and I have tested it with a VM of mine in Azure.

Please have a look at the new instructions and give them a test run, please let us know if you are still having issues deploying the Tentacle Extension.

Thank you and best regards,