Installing listening Tentacle on Linux server


I am Prabhjot working on Octopus Deploy. I have installed listening Tentacle on Linux server. While doing so, will ask some details like tentacle instance name, kind of tentacle and thumbprint. So this thumbprint comes from Octopus server add deployment target → listening Tentacle.

But when the tentacle is being installed it generate some new certificate (thumbprint) instead of the one which I have provided. And so these tentacle details then need to be entered manually in octopus server UI .


Hi @prabhjotkour.91!

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear that you’re having issues getting Octopus to talk to your linux box.

Reading through your post, this does look like everything is working as intended. When you configure your Tentacle in listening mode, it will generate a client certificate, and you will be prompted for the thumbprint for the server’s certificate. Once the configuration script has run, you will need to manually add it to the Octopus server, as listening Tentacles do not reach out to register themselves like a polling Tentacle does. The main reason for this is polling Tentacles need to tell the server to make a “mailbox” for it to poll.

Listening Tentacles are designed to just sit and listen for incoming requests, so it requires it be initiated from the Octopus server. You can find more information about this in our documentation here: Octopus - Tentacle communication - Octopus Deploy

I hope this clarifies how this system works, but please let us know if you have any further questions.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the reply. But when installing tentacle on Linux machine it ask for thumbprint which we get from Octopus and then when the tentacle is installed the thumbprint changes and we have to enter the details manually. I am sharing screenshots and highlighting the thumbprint provided and generated are different and one more screenshot of octopus UI.

So my doubt is from Octopus UI from where we give thumbprint we should be able to add details like hostname port and click on next, but that is not the case we have enter details manually with the new thumbprint.

Please let me know is that how listening Tentacle need to be configured in octopus UI

Hi @prabhjotkour.91,

The thumbprint that is shown inside Octopus when adding a listening Tentacle is the thumbprint of the Octopus Server. This is the thumbprint that you should provide when running the Tentacle configuration on the Tentacle machine.

When that thumbprint is provided and the configuration is run, a certificate is generated to allow the server and tentacle to communicate with each other, this is the 2nd thumbprint that you see and you don’t need to take any action regarding this.

If you have provided the Tentacle configuration script with the thumbprint of the Octopus Server and allowed the configuration to run, you must now add the Listening tentacle within Octopus via Infrastructure → Deployment Targets → Add Deployment Target.

For more detailed information, please refer to our Tentacle setup documentation:
Linux Tentacle
Windows Tentacle (also discusses specifically listening tentacle setup)

Kind Regards,

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