InstallationDirectoryPath variable not being supplied to Deploy.ps1

I have a basic NuGet package that contains SQL scripts. I included Deploy.ps1 in the root of the package to do the actual script execution. In order to get the path to the extracted scripts on the tentacle, I am trying to read this Octopus parameter:


In one of my other NuGet package’s Deploy.ps1 script, this parameter appears to be supplied; however, in this script. it doesn’t appear that it is. To debug this, I piped all $OctopusParameters keys to Write-Verbose. The release log in the web portal shows 94 parameters, but none of them contain the phrase InstallationDirectoryPath.

Why does this work in one Deploy.ps1 and not another? Is there anything I can do to force this parameter to be supplied by the tentacle?

Looks like this person had a similar problem:

I’m going to try that resolution to see if it works.

That solution worked.