Install Windows Service to D Drive

The IT in our organization want to install the windows service in D drive. I couldn’t find any documentation which lists down the steps to do this. The servers will have C as well as D Drive

Is this even possible?

Greetings ykhopkar! Are you asking if it’s possible to install the Octopus Server or Tentacle on the D drive?

We have bunch of applications which are windows services. We need to install these windows services on D Drive. I am not referring to the Octopus server or tentacle

Cool, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: To make sure I’m understanding correctly, are you asking a general question about whether it’s possible to install a Windows Service on a drive other than C or are you asking how to do this with the Deploy a Windows Service step template in Octopus Deploy?

Thanks Shawn.

I am asking how to use Octopus Deploy to deploy Windows Service to D drive.

specifically we want to install the service in D:\program Files (x86)<Company Name>

Ah! Got it! By default, Octopus Deploy will create a unique directory for the deployed service (cleaning up old ones based on the defined retention policy). These directories are created where the Tentacle default application directory is defined. However, using the Custom Installation Directory feature of the Deploy a Windows Service step template, it is possible to install the service in a specific directory such as the one you’ve specified. Does that make sense?

yeah it makes sense. The package that we generate contains a msi. The windows service is inside the msi. We have a script step which installs the msi.

When I use the custom installation directory, OD extracts the package in D Drive but installs in C Drive.
I just took over this process as the person who was working on this left the company. He has written a powershell script. Unfortunately I cannot understand much powershell.

Ah, that’s a little different :slight_smile: According to it looks like you can change the default installation directory in the project itself. It also looks like you can override this value,

Thanks for the information. I got it to work.

Thanks once again

Awesome! Glad to hear you got it working :slight_smile:

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