Install Python modules and libraries

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I have a python script that needs requests and AWS cli boto3, I want to know is there a way to install these modules in octopus?

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The best way to get the results you need would be to first determine where the python script is running, the server, targets, or workers. Regardless of which type of machine is running the python script, the method will be the same, just you will need to install it on all targets and workers if that is where the script is being run.

You will want to go to the machine(s) in question and install the modules on the command line and ensure that they are reachable by the account that runs the Octopus service on that machine. When logged in as the Octopus service account on that machine, you can test that it will function correctly by trying to use those modules locally.

Once you can run it locally with the Octopus account, it should work in an Octopus step using the same machine.

Please let me know if that helps or if you run into any issues.


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