Install Octopus Server on Windows 7

Is it possible to install and use Octopus Server on Windows 7 machine?
Is there any limitation (licensing or functional one) to use Windows desktop OS to host Octopus Server?


Thanks for getting in touch! We believe this is possible, and you can give it a go. We however do not support the software on this environment.
There is no limit under the licensing, but as I have said, any issues created by missing required dependencies, or bugs created will not be supported.



Thank you for your support.
Can you explain why do you not provide support for this environment?

The Octopus server should work fine under Windows 7.


Our Octopus Server software is designed, developed and tested under the branch of Windows Server products from 2008+. It’s designed as a Server to Server commercial deployment tool. If we added testing to Windows 7 or other desktop Windows Operating Systems, we would have to also test Windows 7, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, x86 or x64, with Service Pack 1 etc etc placing a lot of overhead and complexity on the testing matrix. Our software is also mainly designed to be run by Developers and DevOps and Servers are generally under a more sterile, restrictive, environment with maintained and monitored configurations.

If say you find a bug when installing, that is due to environmental issues such as other installed software, non-standard configurations or missing dependencies, this is not something we test or can necessarily help with, we don’t know it will be the case, but it could happen.

If you find a functional bug that we can reproduce on our existing tested environments, this is something we will support and fix.
I hope this explains it a bit better!


Thank you for exhaustive answer.
Now everything is clear.