Install 32bit Tentacle on 64bit Machine

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Attempting to download/install 32bit tentacle (version 4.0.5) and install it on 64bit windows.
Install throws an error though, saying only 64bit install supported. Is there any workaround ?


Hi Damien,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Is there a particular reason why you need the 32 bit version in this scenario? We have a 64 bit Tentacle available.

Happy to help where we can!


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Ya, there’s a specific system whose powershell modules only are only supported in a 32bit process. We would like to be able to execute specific steps on this server, with access to all variables / etc from the Octopus Server


Hi Damien,

Thanks for the extra information.

We’ve done some research and have come to the conclusion that regardless of the “bitness” of Tentacle it will launch the version of Powershell installed on the system. You should also be able to call 32bith Powershell directly by using Octopus script steps and calling the following to launch Powershell:


You can then pass in (potentially by attaching your script as a package) any variables or logic that you need.

Any further questions please let me know!


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