Ingress feature in step template not updating correctly

I searched the forums but could not find anything related to this issue.

So, to quickly sum-up our setup:

  • octopus server version: 2020.4.10
  • we have multiple deployment targets, on premise minikube clusters and AKS clusters in Azure
  • For our deployment pipelines we use step templates
  • in the step template we use the feature “Ingress”

recently we have updated our environments to K8S version 1.19.6. After we did this we keep getting the warning when we do a deploy:

Warning: extensions/v1beta1 Ingress is deprecated in v1.14+, unavailable in v1.22+; use Ingress

we also started to upgrade our nginx ingress deployments on our environments to the latest version.

this did not solve anything, but did not seem to break anything either.

when i go to the step template and scroll down i get to the part where in yaml is defined for the ingress feature. when i open the yaml i see the following code:

if i change line 4 to apiVersion:, and save it, it will revert itself back to apiVersion:

why is this happening, am i doing something wrong? is it something i can fix?

Hi @wout

Thanks for reaching out!

Sorry to hear that you’ve run into this error message. Can I confirm that you can deploy successfully and this is just a warning message you’re seeing?

I’ve looked into this further, and it appears that we have no existing plans to upgrade the k8s version - but our engineers are aware, and it is being discussed internally at the moment as v1.22 isn’t expected until later in the year. It will be addressed at some point in the future, but, unfortunately, I’m unable to give an expected timescale.

I think the only workaround, for now, would be to use the Deploy raw Kubernetes YAML step and create the YAML yourself.

I hope this answers your question!


Hi @stuart.mcilveen,

I can confirm that it is a warning and that it doensn’t stop us from deploying our api’s.

However, besides k8s version 1.22, there is also a version for nginx to take in to account.

If/When the fix is provided, it would be usefull for the customer to be able to change that value for themself, as opossed to have that value hardcoded into the product.

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