Infrastructure tab is not visible for me

I am using Octopus deploy community edition there I don’t see infrastructure tab. I want to add multiple server to the deployment target from where can I do that If I don’t see Infrastructure tab?

Hi @edshekh
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Most likely you don’t have the correct permissions on your cloud instance. You can reach out to your cloud instance admin and ask them to add you to the Octopus Managers group which will allow you to add Infrastructure as needed.

If for some reason this is not the case let us know the name of your cloud instance and with your permission we can take a look and see if there is something amiss on your setup.

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Hi @paraic.oceallaigh
I have admin role of our cloud instance. our cloud instance is

I want to deploy builds on multiple targets currently deployment is happening on one server I want to deploy it on multiple servers.

Hi @edshekh
Ah OK, you are hosting Octopus CE server on your own platform. I mistakenly assumed you were on our cloud platform.

Realistically if you are an admin you should be able to see all tabs and perform any tasks. We would need to see the logs to get an idea of what might be the issue.

Would you be able to provide the following:

Some of these files may have sensitive info in them - you can upload them to a secure upload area here:

Let us know how you get on with the above.

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