Incorrect License Expired Messages

The “Bullhorn” announcement icon appeared on our instance today announcing:

Version 3.0.6 of Octopus has been released. Your license expired on 15/07/2016 and covers updates through to 3.1. Please renew your license to upgrade to 3.0.6

My license is good for almost a year, and should cover the version in question.

Currently running version




Hi Ben

Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve submitted a github issue for this You should still be able to upgrade regardless of that message.



Confirm this is still an issue with 3.0.7… trying 3.0.8 now.


Hi bp,

This should have been fixed on 3.0.7. I tested this both in 3.0.7 and 3.0.8(*) and I cant reproduce the issue. Could you try deleting your browser’s cache and checking again?



(*)edit: 3.0.8 should not be able to reproduce the issue, as 3.0.9 hasn’t been releases at the time of this message

My notification looked just like the one posted above with the ver numbers bumped. I have refreshed my cache but also have already upgraded to 3.0.8… so will have to wait until 3.0.9 I suppose to see the msg again. :slight_smile:


I reviewed the list of bugs opened last night (by our team in Australia) and it seems we confirmed this issue was not fixed in 3.0.7

We’ll get it fixed for 3.0.9

Thanks and sorry for missing out that one!


I’m not seeing that in the list of fixes for 3.0.9 at


The bug was not fixed for 3.0.9 and it was my bad to assume it’ll be fixed on that version. You can still track its progress on this github issue

Sorry about that!


I believe it’s resolved by now.