Improve variable management


today, there are several levels to manage variables in Octopus, and it’s a good thing:

  • Library variable sets
  • Project variables
  • Tenant variables (thanks to variable templates)

I think you should really simplify this process to manage all of them from Library variable sets only. Indeed, when you create a variable from this section, you can link it to some environments, some targets, and some target roles. If you add the possibility to link it to tenants and projects, it’s win :slight_smile:

May the force be with you :wink:

Good afternoon @fabrice.odesser,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and welcome to the forums Octopus Jedi.

That’s a great suggestion on managing all of the different variables from one place however, this might get a little messy considering how we need to reference the variables in API calls and the permissions associated for viewing each different variable based on user permissions to environments, tenants, projects etc.

If you were to have all the variables in one place the API call for that would be quite large, this may slow down deployments if you have many variables in there. Some customers have hundreds of variables for each of the sections you mentioned, some bordering on thousands if you were to include them all in one area.

We do however love a good suggestion and have a specific place to put those so our engineers can take a look. If it gets enough votes they will look into ways to implement that feature. You can find this on our UserVoice page.

I hope that helps give you a bit of background as to why we have chosen to separate those variables but we are always open to improving the UI and navigation so please do post up the suggestion in UserVoice.

Remember to always “let the Wookie win”

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