Improve Tentacle install failure message when installing the service to Windows Server 2003 without prerequisites

Octopus install went perfectly, but on installing the first tentacle I got an error on the ‘install service’ tab.

Just as I was writing a ‘help!’ message here I spotted that I needed to install the extra prerequisite of Powershell etc on Windows Server 2003, and indeed installing that solved the problem.

However, the message I got was highly unhelpful and it felt like I was hitting a brick wall for a few minutes. I understand it’d be a low priority feature but it would really help if you were able to detect this missing prerequisite and put up a message to that effect (with a link to the KB article for download… or even better, start the download?!). Since the rest of my Octopus experience has been smooth (so far!) it’d be great if this little wrinkle got ironed out in future.

Have attached the install log with the error you get, hope it helps!

Tentacle.InstallLog (3 KB)

Hi Neil,

Thanks very much for the feedback. A new installer that is more proactive and that verifies the prerequisites is definitely on the list of things to do before v1. It’s probably the area of Octopus that has had the least attention, which is a shame because it’s the first thing people see! :slight_smile: