Importing custom certificates with Octopus Server and Tentacle


Anybody had any experience configuring Octopus Server to use custom certificates?

I’ve been following the steps on this article but I’ve got stuck on point 2:

Can the import script accept files with anything other than a .pfx extension? I’ve tried .cert and .p7b but get the attached error…



Hi Ben,

Thank you for reaching out! Yes, we only accept pfx type for custom certificates. Though a workaround that could work in your case is changing your file type to .txt and try again.

If that doesn’t help, there are lots of tools online, like that can convert your certificate to our supported format.

Additionally, a command to convert it could look something like:

makecert -n “CN=AwesomeCertAuth” -cy authority -a sha1 -sv “AwesomeCertAuthPrivateKey.pvk” -r “AwesomeCertAuth.cer”

makecert -n “CN=OctopusServer” -ic “AwesomeCertAuth.cer” -iv “AwesomeCertAuthPrivateKey.pvk” -a sha1 -sky exchange -pe -sv “OctopusServerPrivateKey.pvk” "OctopusServer.cer"
pvk2pfx -pvk “OctopusServerPrivateKey.pvk” -spc “OctopusServer.cer” -pfx “OctopusServer.pfx” -pi Password01!

I hope that helps!



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