Importing a SSL Cert Variable Scoped to a Tenant Tag not working

When I have a SSL Certificate scoped to a Tenant tag, Importing the cert files. it says Variable .Pfx was not supplied.

When I remove the Tenant Tag (in this case Site Tag = SD-NonProd) the cert import works. Even when I have it scoped to the SD-Auto and SD-NonProd Site Tag, it fails.

The Certificate is not scoped to any environment.

I’ve attached some screen shots and log files when it’s working and when it’s not.

CertScopedToTenantTag-Fails.log.txt (145 KB)

CertNotScopedToTenantTag-Works.log.txt (191 KB)

It fails when the Cert is scoped to the same Tenant Tag too.

Hi Branden,

I’m sorry you’re encountering this problem.

I believe this may be due to an issue we had regarding scoping certificate variables. This was resolved in Octopus version 3.11.3. If you are on an earlier version, upgrading will hopefully resolve this.

Please let me know if you are already on 3.11.3 or later, and I will investigate further.