Import web/app.config into settings

As I sit here cutting and pasting a few dozen settings per environment I thought how nice it would be to upload a .config file into the settings page while in the “Edit Variables” mode. Then I could remove and clean them up before saving.

Also, as another suggestion being able to copy all settings for an environment. For example I could enter in all of my variables for an environment then tell it to make a copy of into a new environment. So I enter all the ones for the “test” environment, then tell it to copy all of them and save a copy as “production” environment variables. Maybe even add an option to only copy the variable name and leave all of the values blank, so I have an easy reference of items I need to fill out.

So far the variables stuff has been the most painful part, mostly just because of the manual nature when setting up large projects. Thanks!


I know you have a workaround already, but I’d love your feedback on these two issues on the Octo.exe github:

Octopus already has an API for dealing with variables; so the tool would be extended to use that API to add excel import/export and .config file import.

Your feedback on those issues would be much appreciated,


Yes issue #14 is closer to what I’d want.

FYI I can’t seem to find what kind of license you are using for the Octopus-Tools. If you are accepting pull requests that would be something I’d like to know first.

Good point, I’ll add a license this weekend. It will be New BSD or Apache.