Import releases failed

Hi guys,

Octopus 3.4.4
Trying export-import project and releases.
Project imported successfully, when i’m trying to import releases i receive an error:

When i checked channel that was created during import, it have missmatch with ID which need for import release.
How i can fix it ?

Hi, thanks for reaching out.

From the looks of it you are importing between two projects on the same Octopus instance, is that correct? If so channels (and their ids) won’t match up because channels are unique and can only be assigned to a single project. In this case the easiest thing to do would be to manually edit the json file so the releases reference the channel ID in the destination project.

You can find the channel ID by editing it in the UI and looking at the url. For example, when editing a channel a URL like https://octopus/app#/projects/channel/channels/edit/Channels-1261 will be opened, and the channel ID is Channels-1261.

Matthew Casperson

Hi Matthew,

It is export import between two different servers. Octopus server version on both 3.4.4.
On destination server project was imported first, during importing it creates channels with proper names, but with different channelid. I think that’s why i’m receiving an error during import releases.
Can i somehow fix it? (maybe with some powershell script that change channelID in database, etc.)

We currently don’t offer a tool that can be used to change the IDs of entities like channels, and editing the database is not something we recommend.

Is this a one off import, or are you using it as a regular sync between the two servers?

For a one off import, editing the JSON being imported would still be the easiest solution for moving data from one server to another.

If you are trying to create a process for a regular sync, then it is likely that other ID conflicts will arise at a later date even if the database was manually edited to resolve the channel IDs here. Also each manual edit of the database introduces a risk of corrupting the data (which is why we don’t recommend it).

Matthew Casperson

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