Import error did not find deployment process

Hi guys,

I’m trying to export-import data between two Octopus servers with same version: 3.2.4

During export i receiving errors for some projects:
1 ERROR Did not find deployment process ‘deploymentprocess-Lifecycles-24’ for \Projects\Project1 Name\Project1 Name - Create update packages - Create update packages - Script.ps1
1 INFO Examining script file \Projects\Project1 Name\Project1 Name - Get last installed package - Get last installed package - Script.ps1
1 INFO [Lifecycle, K:PROJECT1 NAME, N:‘Project1 Na…’, S:Lifecycles-24, D:Lifecycles-144, O:]
1 INFO deploymentprocess-Lifecycles-24

What i can do to fix importing?
Thanks in advance

Hi Oleg,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the migrator. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve there could be a different option than using the migrator.

If you’re just moving the server we have other procedures for that here -

The other thing to try is upgrading to the latest version of Octopus first. 3.2.4 is very old and there’s been several bug fixes and improvements to the migrator since then.