Import Certificate Step Template not working

I am trying to install a UC-Multidomain cert obtained from Entrust to one of our web servers. I’ve added the cert, which does NOT include a pfx file. When deploying I receive the following error:

Variable certificates-***.Pfx was not supplied

I am running on Octopus 3.13.7 and I’ve attached screenshots for certificate and project specifics

Hi Pete,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The issue appears to be that the variable format you provided in the Import Certificate step template isn’t valid so Octopus can’t find the certificate, hence the substitution fails. With this particular step template the variable definition is different from standard and needs to just be the plain variable name (root) without the standard Octopus variable encoding (#{root}).

Please let me know if changing the variable value in the step template doesn’t resolve your issue, and apologies for the confusion here.


Thank you! That did the trick!

Hi Pete,

No problems, glad to hear that the issue had been resolved!

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