IIS -- Set Anonymous Auth Creds to Application Pool identity

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Is there any way to set the IIS Anonymous Auth creds to run Octo using the Application Pool Identity? I found these much older post on enabling this feature, but this was a (AFAIK) major rewrite or two ago and I don’t know that the below still applies, or is accurate guidance

Can anyone speak to how to accomplish this?


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Hi Casey,

In the built-in step for IIS, you can specify more than one authentication mode.

Is this what you are after?


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That’s not quite what I am looking for, but close. What I want to do is change the Anonymous Auth Credentials from running as a Specific User, which is typically IUSR to the Application Pool Identity. See below

(John Simons) #5

Hi Casey,

Unfortunately, we do not have anything out of the box that does this.

The only way to accomplish this is to write a script, it seems this is what you want?

Otherwise, you can also try our slack community channel.

I hope this helps


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Thanks. I just wanted to confirm this was still the way to make this change and that we weren’t overlooking anything.

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