IIS Application Pool Managed Pipeline mode

I’m running into a problem with an ASP.NET application. On some servers, the Application Pool is created in Classic mode, and on some it’s created in Integrated mode. The application requires Integrated mode, so it fails on some servers. How do I specify the App Pool Managed Pipeline mode in Octopus?


HI erickt,
The default pipeline mode is specified by going to Set Application Pool Defaults in IIS then setting the Managed Pipeline Mode to Integrated. Check the attached screenshot for reference. My guess is that perhaps some of your servers have this value misconfigured.

Although we don’t provide a mechanism to set this value as part of an Octopus Deploy process, you can add a deployment script to ensure this its value is correct. I have attached a snippet from a PowerShell script you can add as a post deployment script that will ensure it is set to integrated mode. Its fairly short and self explanatory but let me know if you have any questions around it

I hope this helps gets your environments in a consistent state!

PostDeploy.ps1 (499 Bytes)

Thanks Rob, this is perfect. I would suggest that it would be a great addition to the templates in https://library.octopusdeploy.com/.