IIS Application - don't start pool


We use Octopus (version 3.11.16) to deploy several IIS applications and some of these share application pools to save resources but now we’ve noticed an issue.
We have a step to stop all pools for this tenant and then proceed to update applications finally start the pools in a last step.
Now when Octopus updates an IIS application, it starts the pool automatically. This causes a next application update to fail because the files are locked by the w3wp.exe process.

Is there a way to prevent Octopus from starting the pool automatically?
I know it’s also possible to add a pre-deploy script to stop the pools but this would cause intermittent stop/starts that might not be best either.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,

Hi Joren,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately it’s a hard coded action that happens at the moment, there’s a line of code that starts the app pool. We have an issue raised for it that we’ve started working on it: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/3459

A possible work around in the mean time may be to add an addition step that then stops the app pool.

We can give you an update when it’s released.