Ignoring Certain Configuration Files

The reason being, we have an Umbraco application that uses various appSettings and connectionString entries in various .config files. We’re using Octopus to replace the configuration variables via the Configuration Variables section (see image) and it works very well

The thing is, we have several Umbraco plugins that use .config files of their own, but these are JSON files instead of XML files, which Octopus is unable to parse.

I’ve worked out that we can configure the system to ignore Variable Replacement Errors and Config Transformation Errors, but even with this enabled, the build is displayed with a warning flag (see attached images).

I’m wondering if there is a way of configuring Octopus to ignore these .config files and showing the build as 100% successful?

I couldn’t find a way of attaching new images once the post was live so have added them here instead.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch. The decision to keep the errors found as warning was due to the fact when you set those variables it will catch any errors on any of the config files it finds. So if during a transformation you have an error you need to be notified of you can still see the warning fairly easily as it is listed as a warning. There are no ways for us to distinguish between the error types or really knowing which config files to ignore.

We have an idea floating around where you will be able to determine common errors as ‘ignorable’ that will then not mark as warnings but I do not believe it is on the road map or in our current plans. Hopefully it isn’t very far away. Until then I can’t believe we would change this behaviour any time soon. Sorry if that isn’t the news you wanted.