Ignore retention policy for selected releases


We are introducing CI to our process, that’s why we have a lot of octopus-nuget-packages and a lot of octopus-releases. These take a LOT of storage space.We would like to have aggressive retention policy, i.e. delete all releases we don’t need, keeping releases for a couple of weeks. Generally we would like to keep releases, which have been promoted to Production (or to staging, or to QA, TBD). Because only a small number of all releases would be promoted to production (or even QA). In this case we will preserve storage space AND keep releases we really need.

How is it possible to implement this? If it is not possible, are you planning to add this feature?

Also, we are going to move from internal NuGet feed to a separate nuget feed. Is it possible for Octopus to delete “old” packages from extenal NuGet-feed?

Hi Dmitry,

Currently there is no way to specify retention policies to such a granularity, we are working on making the retention policies better in regards to how they are applied.

Octopus will not be able to delete “old” packages from an external NuGet feed unfortunately, that is something that would need to be addressed in some other way.

Thank you and warm regards,
Henrik Andersson