Identifying which permission settings controls access to script modules

I’m trying to locate the permissions for script modules, currently only the admin role can both see the script modules and script in the module (literally). There are nothing in the description field for each of the permissions about the script module, nor do i find anything when i search about the topic.

Is this intended? (1 KB)

Hi Harald,

Thanks for getting in touch, below I’ve listed out the permissions needed to view/edit/create script modules:

  • To see the Script modules menu requires VariableView permission
  • To create a new Script module requires 'LibraryVariableSetCreate` permission
  • To view an existing Script module requires LibraryVariableSetView, VariableView and VariableViewUnscoped permissions
  • To edit an existing Script module requires LibraryVariableSetEdit permission

As a side note, we have been discussing an overhaul (and hopefully simplification) of the permissions logic as part of a bigger piece of work to make it much easier to configure users access to the system.

I hope that helps!

Thank you and best regards,

Another thing, what version of Octopus are you currently running? We introduced a bug (in 3.8.7) that caused unscoped variables to not be returned in variable sets and this will cause the script body of the script module to default to the Hello, Octopus script.

We have a fix in the pipeline for this and will ship it as soon as we can.


I’m running on 3.10.0 as of this morning.

All of those permissions you list, are ticked off for the developer role.
If you want to want to confirm it, the csv export of the permissions set for my user has been added to the original post.

Most likely the whole thing is caused by the bug you’ve described.

Thanks Harald for confirming those details for me. Yes, it certainly sounds like the bug I’m currently in the process of fixing should fix your issue here as well.

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this issue!

Thank you and warm regards,

Running 3.11.8

I noticed the Step module is not available for my user again. Though this time, a script is visible if someone links directly to it.

Hi Harald,
Henrik is on a well deserved break at the moment so I have picked up this ticket to continue to completion.
It looks like you have found an issue where the permission being applied to that link in the library area, was not considering scopes and was configured to require an unscoped permission to VariableView. I have made a fix for this attached to GitHub issue #3377 and it should go out in the next few days.
Thanks for your patience,

Yeah, it works now with 3.12.4 at least.