Identifying the Nuget package is taking more time

Hi Support team,

Identifying the Nuget package is taking more time than expected some times. Please check the attached screenshot where the searching has started at 12:01 and it still in progress after 12:55 also. Please let me know if any more information is required.


Please find below the screenshot after completion of finding of nuget package. It has taken more than 50 mins.

Octopus Version : 3.2.10

Hi Vishnu,

Thanks for reaching out. It is possible that the Tentacle is taking that long to check for previous versions of the package because you have way too many packages on C:\Octopus\Files. Which leads us to the question: Do you have Retention Policies in place? These are in charge of deleting old packages that are no longer in use. If you set them up, they’ll clean that directory which will definitely improve this process.

More info about retention policies: