I need advise on how to deploy NodeJs package from Teamcity to Octopus deploy

I have been struggling on how to successfully deploy a nodejs package from teamcity to a server on GCP. Please find the steps that I have taken so far below:

  1. The source code was pulled from GitHub
  2. The code was built and tested in Teamcity
  3. The package was deployed to Octopus Package Library
  4. I installed a listening tentacle on a linux machine on GCP
  5. Upgraded Calamari agent
  6. I installed npm on the tentacle server, configured a user with NOPASSWD in sudoers
  7. Followed nodejs deployment on NGINX using this link (Deploy a Node.js application to NGINX using Octopus and TeamCity - Octopus Deploy)

But my deployment keeps failing, please I need help on best practice on how to deploy my nodejs package in Octopus Deploy.

Hey @oladapob

Sorry for the delay in responding this one slipped through the cracks and I’m hoping to help today and get you deploying.

Could you share some details from the deployment that’s failing?

Could you send over the raw task log from the deployment that failed? Check out the link below to find out how to get the raw log. You can send me this directly if you like rather than posting it in this forum.


Dear Adam,
Thank you for your response but I have gone the route of installing the nodejs application on docker and deploying the images on minikube kubernetes cluster but I am faced with an issue.
This issue has to do with connecting to my Kubernetes Deployment Target on GCP.
Please find error message below:

Hey @oladapob,

Apologies for the delayed response. Can you confirm that you have put your Kubernetes worker in the worker pool?
Also, if you are using Octopus cloud or your target doesn’t have a static IP/domain, you would need to use a polling tentacle rather than a listening tentacle.

For additional resources, this blog might help you progress further. Getting started with Kind and Octopus, specifically this portion, about work workers and extracting certificates.

I hope this helps!


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