I have a multiple tenants but I only want to deploy to single tenant

I have multiple tenants in a project. I have a Jenkins build that kicks off the build process and then calls octo.exe to do a release based on the tenant like this:

Octo.exe deploy-release --project=“ESB Multi-Tenant Dev 1” --version=$packageVersion-$ENV:projectName --forcepackagedownload=true --deployto “Development” --apiKey= --tenant="$env:projectName" --channel=$channel --variable=projectName:$env:projectName --server=http://octoserver.mydomain.com/octopus_dev/ --deploymenttimeout=00:25:00 --progress

When I check my Octopus Project I see that it is doing a deployment to all the associated tenants in it even though I have specified the tenant name to which it is supposed to be targeted to.

I just want to do the release on only one of the tenants.

We are using Octopus v2018.6.11


Thanks for reaching out! Is there any chance you could send us a full build log so we can see what’s being executed in Jenkins behind the scenes? If you want to keep that file private, feel free to upload it to this secure location that only our staff has access to https://file.ac/xo_EvR6UvHg/

Best regards,

Hi there,

I have uploaded the Console log from my Jenkins build. I truncated the Maven build part and leave Octopus part of it in the log file.


Hi Sonam,

Thanks for sending over that file and sorry for the delay.

In your log I can see that you are running Octo.exe from JenkinsCreateReleaseDev.ps1. But I can’t see the full command.

Is there any chance you can modify that script so that it outputs the octo.exe command its running to the build log? After that please go ahead and send me another Jenkins log.


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