I can't view old deployment history

Task progress is empty, can’t see what steps was executed
the new deployments appears well, but old deployments doesn’t’ appear.
my octopus version 2018.5.5


Thanks for getting in touch.

Are you able to access the raw task log file for this task?

If you can access this file, then the task log may just be empty, meaning that when the task was executed, there was no work (or steps) valid for the given environment and so you end up with an empty task log.

You can check the raw task log file, or go into the “Task Log” tab in the UI and filter the Log Level to “Verbose” mode to see if there’s any information in the log.

Hope this helps.


Thank you :slight_smile: I found the problem my colleague deleted the task log folder to empty space but the good news we had backup and restored the task folder log data and every thing showed well.

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