Hydra Tentacle upgrade

we are in the process of testing the migration of tentacles. The data migration with software update worked fine on version
When we run the deployment though v2.6 for tentacle upgrade the tentacle updates(check control panel) to the new version 3.0.6…
But its not showing as communicating on the environment Tab,
Deleting the current server name from the environment tab and re-adding this fixes the communication.
I though this would come online on the new server and go offline on the old v2.6 with all settings (roles etc)

Hi Praveen,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’m a little confused, can you please clarify what the current state is ?

So your Tentacle has disappeared from your 2.6 server, but hasn’t come online with 3.0 until you delete the name and re-add it ?

What if you do a health check for the environment ?


Hi Damian

Yes the health Check fixed the communications


Ahh fantastic, that makes sense. The Octopus server would have assumed they were still offline until you triggered the health check.

Glad it’s working.