Hydra nupkg for pre-3.1?


We’re upgrading from 2.6 to (not 3.1.x to avoid .NET 4.5 requirements for now) and I’m wondering if there is a Hydra package for 3.0.x? I couldn’t find one in the downloads section. If there isn’t, can I create a new nupkg copying the current one just replacing the Tentacle msi’s with the older ones. Or is the hydra.exe hard coded to a specific version?



Hi Erik,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m gonna forward this question to the devs that worked on Hydra. In the meantime and as a workaround, you could download the Hydra package from our website and replace the 3.1.x msi installers (see attached screenshot) with 3.0.x installers. This will make Hydra install 3.0.x to your Tentacles.

Let me know if that helps