Hydra and 32bit OS

I followed the directions for using Hydra to upgrade our Tentacles to the latest version (3.0.6) but it failed on all our servers that are still running a 32bit OS and succeeded on 64bit systems. Is hydra intended to work on a 32bit OS? The error appears to be “Program ‘Hydra.exe’ failed to execute: %1 is not a valid Win32 application”. I read through the documentation on the site, and I didn’t see anything either way about 32bit or 64bit only support with Hydra.


Hi Ken,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Sorry about that, most of our customers with a large number of Tentacles are running 64 bit OSs so we didn’t put much thought into 32 bit support.

Which OS are you running for your Tentacles ? How many machines do you have ?
We’ll come up with a solution for you.



Hi Damian,

Most of our servers are on 64bit OS’s as well, but we do still have a few older servers running windows server 2003. These servers will eventually be replaced with new boxes sometime in the relatively near future, so I don’t mind upgrading them by hand in the meantime.

Do you have a suggestion for how I should handle avoiding them for now so that I can use Hydra on the rest of the boxes? Should I make a Role of x64 and assign it to the 64 bit tentacles?


Actually, since I have already updated all the tentacles to 3.0.6. should I continue to use this process to upgrade the tentacles when I upgrade the server or is there a different route I should use to upgrade the tentacles in the future?

For instance, If I upgrade the server to 3.0.7, 3.0.8, etc what process should I use to upgrade the tentacles?

Hi Ken

The good news for you is that you won’t need to do upgrades very often now!

With 2.x we’d upgrade the Tentacle with every release. Now with 3, the smarts are in the Calamari package which is auto updating. So you can leave your Tentacle at 3.0.6 and just upgrade the server.

Hope that helps