Hundreds of Connection Strings

We have a deployment scenario where one environment is expected to have a large number of machines, potentially hundreds.
The machines will share application code.
Unfortunately, due to issues outside our control, most of the machines will require different connection strings.

I would prefer not to keep such a large list of variables in Octopus Deploy as I think it will be a maintenance headache.
I would prefer to store the list of connection strings in a file that we can keep in source control.

My current plan is to have a file that lists all the machines and their connection strings and to process this file in a post build step to generate a configuration transformation file per machine that can be run using Octopus Deploy’s additional transforms capability.

Unfortunately this will result in rather a large number of files, so I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions.

Ok, it looks like Variables work very nicely, thank you.

I’d like to be able to export the variables to a file that I can put in source control, as per this suggestion:

Hi Arthur, currently there’s no way to export the variables. We’ll add support for this in Octopus 2.0.


Is there any indication of when v2 will be available?

Hi Graeme,

We’re aiming for September.