Https:// - unable to access any step template content

Using different browsers, you can get to the listing of step templates in the library. However, none of the “Copy to clipboard” or “Show JSON” links seem to do anything. I can navigate to “History”. In the region Script Body, the link “Show script” also does not seem to show anything.

I’ve tried with several templates, and used browsers IE v11, and Chrome v 31.

Can someone confirm the links on this site are active?


Hi Andrew,

The links should work (I’ve tested them in IE11 and Chrome 55). Could you send through some screenshots of what you’re seeing and also check the console in the developer tools in your browser to see if there are any errors there that can help us troubleshoot this issue for you.

Thank you and best regards,

To make this work I had to enable “debugging” in FireFox.

I guess what I asking is if there are any particular setting in IE (or elsewhere) which may prevent us from accessing the content behind the mention links?

The corporate office has very strict rules on accessing outside internet sites. I used to be able to download these step templates, but perhaps some security setting has changed for us. I will test this tonight when I go home, and use my personal email to see if I can access it without using Firefox debugger