How to use terrafrom to configure the community integrations

We are trying to configure the Slack - Send Simple Notification - Bash integration using terraform. We were able to do it manually successfully. We are now trying to automate the configuration using Terraform. We cannot find proper documentation for this. Shall we know how we can configure this in our process using terraform or please share the documentation for that?

Hi @arun.raj,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The documentation for configuring steps within a deployment process can be found here.

There are nested actions listed for different step types within that doc. The step Slack - Send Simple Notification - Bash is a step template based on the Run a Script built-in step. So, the relevant section would be here.

As it is a step template you would need to include the step.run_script_action.action_template block with the template ID and version number.


Thanks, Paul. We will look into it.

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