How to use tenticles from other envs and mark env as "busy"?

I have following releasement cycle DEV->TEST->UAT->PROD and when release is being deployed to UAT I want to achieve the following: a) create db backup on PROD, b) transfer it to UAT over ftp, c) restore it on UAT. All other steps are same for all environments. For a and b I need to use PROD tentacle, how can I do it when releasing to UAT?
Another question – we do deploy many modules, is it possible when for example module A is promoted to UAT, mark UAT as “busy” so that no other promotions (of modules B, C, etc.) to UAT could not be initiated.

Hi Denis,

Thanks for getting in touch! For your first problem you can do the following:

  1. Add your Prod DB machine to your UAT environment and give it a role
  2. Add a step to your project to grab the db from prod, but scope it to only run when in UAT

For your second question. Octopus will not let you deploy the same project to the same environment at the same time unless you specifically tell it to allow this scenario.
So you could have all of your modules in a single project, but have each process scoped to channels such as Module A.
Then when deploying your project to UAT for Module A, it will queue Module B deployment to wait until Module A is completed.
It is a little bit of a workaround and slightly hacky but Octopus does not have multiple project dependencies.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if I can explain either of this concepts in more detail.