How to use Red Gate Database Depoyment feature

If I try to use Red Gate Database Depoyment feature I see folowing variables with predefined values:
SQLCI.exe Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Gate\SQL Automation Pack 1\sqlCI\sqlCI.exe
SQLCompare.exe Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Gate\SQL Automation Pack 1\sqlCI\SC\SQLCompare.exe

My question is: The Path is the path on the machine, where the database is located or it is the path on the machine where Octopus Server is located ?

Thanks in advance.
Tomas Holek

I have the same question as Tomas.

We have installed the SQLCI Automation Pack on the Octopus Server but not on the agents. According to Red Gate’s documentation, this should suffice.

Any ideas?


Red Gate developer here.

In general, it is the path of sqlCI.exe on the Octopus Tentacle machine.

We are recommending users install one SQL Automation Pack and an Octopus Tentacle on the same machine as your Octopus Server. If you are doing this, the path will be on the machine of your Octopus Server and indeed the Octopus Tentacle as they are both on the same machine.

The reason we recommend this practice is because you can do database deployments to multiple machines with just one licence of SQL Automation Pack.

Hi Chirayu,

Thanks, I hadn’t fully grasped the concept of one single Tentacle taking care of all database deploments. Now I’ve set up a tentacle on the same machine as SQL Automation Pack and associated this tentacle with various environments to enable database deployments.

I hope Tomas is on the right track, too!


I am still confused.

To use the “Readgate Deployment Feature”, do I need install Redgate DLM Automation Suite to all target server that I want to deploy SQL scripts to or I just need install Redgate DLM Automation Suite to Octopus Deploy Server.

My understanding is i just need install Redgate DLM Automation Suite to Octopus Deploy Server. In this case i just need one license for Redgate DLM Automation Suite and this is good enough for deploy to multiple target server.

Correct me if i am wrong.

I installed the Redgate DLM Automation Suite only on Octopus deploy server. When doing the deployment to target server, i got error said could not find the sqlCI.exe and sqlCompare.exe.
Looks like deployment looks for them on the target server.

The whole point of Octopus is to ship packages to tentacles and let the tentacles do the work. It seems that to do it right, you need to pay $1795 per database tentacle (we’re a tiny two-person team, and we have Dev, Stage, Production, and Demo, so OUCH!). OR you can do it the wrong way and have the server tentacle push everything through its own channels and just bypass using the tentacle model. Red Gate needs to allow multiple installations of SQL Deploy (not the whole suite, just the part the tentacle needs), or just be upfront about how much they expect you to pay to implement their idea of DLM rather than state a “best practice” which “saves you money” by doing it wrong.

Hi Bruce,

To chime in here, I have been told by the Red Gate team that you only need one Tentacle to have sqlCI.exe and use it for all of your database deployments - it just needs to be able to connect to your SQL servers.
That Tentacle can even be installed on the Octopus Server. If this cannot work due to networking issues they have also been known to help out with the licensing requirements.


Exactly! That was my gripe. You should have the deployment running on the tentacle rather than make one tentacle for all environments – that’s the design model for Octopus Deploy. My recommendation was to have just the program needed for the deployment be less restricted on the license check – Not the whole DLM suite, just what the tentacle needed, then you would be able to make real tentacles rather than have a work-around like installing the tentacle on the build server.