How to troubleshoot slow file copy

I’m trying to figure out why it is taking so long for my build package to be deployed to my server. I have one Octopus Server and one Tentacle. I can ftp the 13MB zip over in less than 30 seconds. Octopus deploy is taking about 15 minutes to copy it over. It always copies it successfully and there aren’t any errors in the event viewer related to this and the logs are clean.

2014-05-01 16:20:56.2330 INFO Beginning transfer of C:\Octopus\Files\XXX.
2014-05-01 16:36:01.6709 INFO Beginning deployment…

Any ideas?

Hi Allen,

Thanks for reporting this and sorry for the slow uploads. There were a couple of bugs in previous versions of Octopus that meant if there is too much latency when writing to disk, the uploads can become quite slow. We believe we’ve fixed this in the latest 2.4.2 download available from our downloads page:

Hope that helps!


I’ve been following the upgrades and am currently running The file transfer time hasn’t changed across the different Octopus updates. Are there any modifications I could make to the tentacle’s logging that could be helpful?

Hi Allen,

Thanks for the reply. At this stage I’m not sure what else we can do to try and fix this. As a workaround, would it be possible for you to:

  1. Use an external NuGet feed
  2. On your package deployment step, choose the “Tentacle downloads directly from NuGet” option

This will mean that Tentacle gets the package via HTTP/HTTPS from the NuGet server, without Octopus uploading it.