How to trigger a webhook URL in octopus

I knew octopus can deploy code to salesforce orgs. But i have a webhook URL where my package is ready, so by using this URL i want to trigger deployment from octopus. Please help me to navigate to webhook screen or suggest some articles to achieve this

Hey @saivenkatesh.ayyagari , welcome to the forum!

I want to make sure I understand your use case - you want to run a script in Octopus that will trigger a webhook in an external system, is that correct?

Or are you wanting to use an external webhook to trigger a process inside Octopus?

Happy to help get you the resources you need, just let me know a little more about your goals!

@cory.reid Yes we want to run a script to trigger a webhook in an external system.

Thanks for the clarification @sanket.chatterjee!

In this case, the best bet for you will be using the Octopus Run a Script step - this allows you to define custom scripts (in PowerShell, Bash, Python, C#, or F#) that you can run as a part of your deployment process.

You can see an example of using custom script steps to interact with web services in our Octopus Samples instance. If you sign in at that link as a guest, you’ll see step 4.1 in the AWS - Rolling Deploy project uses a script step to confirm EC2 information that’s used later in the deployment.

Script steps are great, because they allow you to define any of the custom logic you need to make sure you’re integrating with your external service(s) correctly.

Have a look at the example, and let me know if you have any more questions or challenges, I’m happy to help!