How to specify release notes per package?

Looking at the package selection dialog (see attached picture) Release Notes checkbox implies that it is possible to see release notes for each package separately. How we supposed to provide those release notes to packages? Is it for NuGet packages only or we can do it with ZIP packages as well? Can we use Markdown with those release notes?


Hi Konstantin,

Thanks for getting in touch :slight_smile: Octopus will only read the file name of a zip file to determine some metadata (example ‘version’) and not release notes.

So the answer to your question is no; Octopus won’t be supporting release notes in zip files. Zip files are designed to be lightweight and don’t have an existing standard for specifying metadata. Whereas NuGet packages can via the nuspec file.

Using a NuGet package is the only supported way to have release notes (plain text or markdown). We’re improving markdown metadata related items in NuGet packages at the moment, if you’d like to see when it’s completed watch this issue:

Let us know if you need more info.


Thank you! Hope you fix it soon. Markdown is really needed for release notes.