How to set up a project with a simple CI to QA deployment

I am new to Octopus deploy and i am struggling with how Projects, Environments, Releases and work.

I would like some help with setting up the following:

1 Project (web site)
2 environments (CI and QA)
Releases that auto deploy to CI, manual promote to QA

Any tutorials on how to do this?



Hi Corey,

Thanks for reaching out! I’d love to help! We have great documentation and videos available in our site. They’re both great resources to help you get going.

Environments are the first thing you set up, which group together machines to all deploy to at once.
Tentacles are the specific machines that you deploy to. You install the Tentacle to each machine, connect them, and then put them in your environments.
In your Project, you can configure its deployment process to have various steps to go through (like deploying a NuGet package, running a script, sending an email, etc.).

The Lifecycle is an important concept, which defines the order of environments your project deploys and promotes to. By default, you manually select to promote your project from one environment to the next when you’re ready. You can also set it to automatically promote once the project enters a certain environment.

A great introduction to Octopus’ concepts and functionality was presented by my teammate, called ‘Continuous deployment in under 60 minutes.’

Let me know if you have any further questions!


Thank you Kenneth for your prompt reply.

I was able to get my QA environment up and running and be able to deploy packages from my CI Server.



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