How to select specific target to deploy release


We are having the multiple UAT server i.e. UAT1, UAT2, UAT3 and during promote the release from testing server to UAT, I want to select the specific UAT target. It will not always the same will be decided at the time of promoting the release.

Here is the scenario.

  1. Project A, B, C are going on and all are in testing environment.
  2. First A is promoting the relase and will deploy to UAT1.
  3. At the same time, Project B also need to release and will be deploy to UAT2.
  4. Now Project A is completed and promoted to PRD and UAT1 is free now.
  5. Now project C is ready to relase and need to deploy on UAT1 (as it is free now).

So the which UAT environment is free need to use to deploy the release from testing to UAT.

Please help and thanks in advance.


Thanks for getting in touch. I had a chat to the developers about this. I don’t think it’s something Octopus will be able to automate out of the box. Octopus is not quite smart enough to be aware of a machines state and adjust its deployment pipeline automatically. This can be done manually however, you are able to manually select the target for your deployment when you are deploying. You can do this by selecting Advanced as you are about to click deploy. See target.jpg

Let me know if this helps.

Best regards,

Thank you very much Daniel.
This seems to be helpful, I will have a look on this.