How to save a Release from the retention policy

Our Retention policy is currently set to 3 Releases. This works well since we publish changes to a TEST environment multiple times per day.

Occasion we will want to ‘save’ a Release which has passed testing will be promoted to a higher environment in a few days time (the higher environment has a predefined change window). Unfortunately we when continue working on the next milestone the Retention Policy removes the Release which we had planned to promote.

Is there anyway to ‘save’ a Release or exclude it from the Retention policy?

Hi Kye,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently there is no way to mark a single release in a way to stop it from being cleaned up. Generally our advice would be to extend the retention policy to be just longer than the number of days that your process is likely to take.
However I also have another idea that might seem like a great idea or a bad idea or both. Schrodingers idea.

You could add another environment called Test - RC with a zero retention policy. It will be a ‘dummy’ environment that includes one or more of your test machines. When you get a release candidate you can promote it to this environment. It means it will move past the stricter retention policy. It would give you a glance of what is ready for promotion also. Of course it might just be easier to set your retention policy to 4 days instead :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Thank you Vanessa. I will adjust the policy.

Hi Kye,

Excellent. I forgot to mention that we actually think this is a really great idea for a feature extension and I would have to suggest you consider adding it to our UserVoice site.