How to run SlowCheetah before

We are currently using TeamCity for our builds, SlowCheetah to transform our configs, and starting to use Octopus Deploy for our deployments. I have installed OctoPack in a project and am now able to select the option to run it at the bottom of the TC build step, producing a NuGet package that can be consumed and later deployed by OD.

The issue I’m having right now is that we use SlowCheetah for our transforms. In TC if I turn the option to run OctoPack OFF and just build or deploy, I get a zip of artifacts which has the correct configs that have been transformed. But if I turn OctoPack ON, the configs do not get transformed. How can I fix this?

I know that OD supports config transforms but there are so many of them for us right now that I’d rather get SlowCheetah working again before the NuGet package is created. Thanks for any help.

Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch! On this case it might be best if you turn off Octopack and then have a custom Nuget step to pack your app after you run SlowCheetah, like:

  1. Run MS build (without octopack).
  2. Run SlowCheetah.
  3. Run a Nuget Pack step to pack your app and push it to your repository.

We recommend the same to some users that need to run software to minify their Javascripts for example. They need to do that after the code compilation, but by then Octopack already packed and pushed everything.

Let me know if this helps


Thanks Dalmiro. We decided to use Octo’s built in transformation capability rather than continue trying to get SlowCheetah to work. The documentation on your site how to use that was very useful so thanks. That in conjunction with using one the scripts from the library to clean up the config transforms seems to have solved our issue.