How to roll-back octopus server migration if it fails

Hello, We are planning to do Octopus server migration only from one server to another server and not database migration. We will be using the existing database server. I am following the document available for server migration, Moving the Octopus Server - Octopus Deploy. Now, my question is if this migration fails or if I do not get my desire result then how to roll-back to the previously existed server which I had previously of this migration process? What will be the steps to rollback? I am asking this question because many team members are using octopus for deployment in my company and I want to be safe before I start server migration and avoid jeopardizing the deployment process if the migration does not work.

Hi @kmitra,

Thanks for reaching out to Octopus Support!

In your current situation, as long as there are no version differences between the two Octopus servers and no upgrades were run after the migration, you should be able to simply stop Octopus running on the new server machine and start Octopus running on the old server machine.
This will revert Octopus to before the server was migrated.

As no changes to the database are occurring, there should be no other configuration required to rollback to that point in time for a server move.

I hope this helps, please feel free to reach out if you encounter any issue or have any further questions.

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Thanks Adam

I have one more question and that is can we keep same browser URL in both the servers for example in old server and in new one? so that if we required to roll it back then no need to change the url.

Hi @kmitra,

When modifying the endpoint of your Octopus URL to a different server, you would have to change the DNS record for the URL (ex. to point to the IP address of whichever server that you wish to use that URL.

This isn’t something done from within Octopus, so I cannot advise you of the specifics of how you would do this as there are a number of different setups possible. It may be best to chat to someone in your networking/infrastructure team regarding this aspect.

I hope this is helpful, please let me know if you have any further questions or hit any issues.

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Hi Adam & Team,
We have octopus projects hosted in self hosted private Octopus server which we need to move into our self hosted Enterprise Octopus Server.

Since we already have Enterprise License , License cannot be renewed for expired account in private Octopus server
Will octopus support team can help us in data migration from self hosted private Octopus server to self hosted Enterprise Octopus server DB?

Note: The version in private octopus server is very old and we cannot do export/import to Enterprise octopus server

Hi @karthiinspire,

Thanks for getting in contact, would you be able to elaborate on what version the old server is on, please?

If it’s higher than 3.4.X, you could look to use space cloner to move the data between Octopus instances.

Alternatively, there’s the Octopus Migrator, which may help in migrating data from older instances, more information can be found here.

In any case, it’s recommended that you perform a database backup and run these migrations in a test environment to ensure process suitability.

Please let me know if you’re able to provide more details, or if you’d prefer to create a support ticket, send us an e-mail at

Kind Regards,

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